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Sylvain Piquot, Yohann Roy, Ferdani Raphael, Ludovic Cel, David Mordasini, Mireil Revillard, Steve Caillat, Fabrice Chaverot, Martin Rodellas, Olivier Tarpin, Marie-Marthe Rennel, Gerald Drieux, Christophe Rouault, David Crespy, Yvan Lubac, Vincent Pelissier;, Pierre Durussel, Francois Corbeau, Julia Gautreau, Mathieu Krief, Pascal Bourgeois, John Reid, Francois Corbeau, Fréderic Bui Duy Minh, Pascal Bourgeois, Sandrine Motamed, David Michaud have already participated in the financing of the campaign Paititi 2017. Thanks to them.

Paititi is the most fascinating story of the inca mythology. According to the legend and the old chronicles, this immense city would be lost somewhere in the Peruvian Amazonian forest.

For fifteen years, Thierry Jamin, French searcher and explorer, investigates the Amazonian jungle to drill the mystery of this lost city. His history begins by of enigmatic "pyramids" localized on satellite pictures at the end of the year on 1975…

They are fifteen years of meetings with incredible characters. Fifteen years of confrontation with the animals of the jungle, the wrecks in dugout, the false roads and the real friends.
After the extraordinary discoveries realized by his team in 2006, on the site of the petroglyphs of Pusharo, Thierry Jamin discovers in 2009 about ten unknown inca sites in the valley of Lacco, on the road of Paititi. Incredible ! Some of them are of the scale of Pisac or Choquequirao…

Thierry Jamin and his companions are henceforth persuaded : the secret city of Paititi is not very far any more…

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  • “Paititi 2017”… a new departure!

    In spite of a current events very in charge of obliging us to realize important searches on the desert of south of Peru, all the team of the Institute Inkari - Cusco remains mobilized for the organization of the campaign "Païtiti 2017".

  • The DIRAVPOL with “Paititi 2017”

    As you know, our team is ready. We have just confirmed, with the DIRAVPOL-PNP, the rent of a helicopter MI-17 of the National Police Force. But it stays the big point of the licence of the Ministry of the Environment (SERNANP) to allow us to enter our zone of search during a maximum period of 16 days.

  • Thierry Jamin, soon in the editions of the Cherche Midi (Paris)...

    The last searches of Thierry Jamin and his group, on the tracks of the lost city of Paititi, will soon be published in France in the course of this year of 2017 in the editions of the Cherche midi (Paris)...

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