Paititi 2018 - Ours partners

The current partners of the decisive campaign of exploration "Paititi 2018" are at present the following ones. We hope that others will soon come to join them. It is the decisive year !

Eric FreymondProdiris,

Eric Freymond, lawyer, businessman, studied in economy and in law. European sponsor, established in Geneva, in Switzerland, he finances a wide part of the campaign «Paititi 2018». Éric Freymond is also at the origin of the financing of the solar-powered plane «Solar Impulse» which, a few months ago, succeeded a first stage in its world tour from Abu Dhabi to Hawaii...


The native community of Timpía,

Chaired by Mister Felipe Semperi, the matsiguenga community of Timpía support and will participate actively in the campaign "Paititi 2018".



Prodiris, communication et médiasProdiris,

Managed by Alain Bonnet, this agency based near Toulouse (France - E.U.), supports actively the searches of Thierry and his group since 2003. He has in charge the communication, the web sites and the blogs of our explorer.


Jungle Doc ProductionsJungle Doc Productions,

This is an audiovisual production company created by Alain Bonnet, Manager of the Communication Agency Prodiris and Thierry Jamin. From the very beginning of his research, Thierry and his team travel the Amazon forest in every direction on the tracks of the lost city. During their travels, a professional cameramen were there to follow their adventures. This year again, when our explorers felt finally reach the goal, the cameras are there to capture their investigations. Further down the path, perhaps, the Grail as expected...



Thanks to Isabelle Guidolin and Anne-Marie Bernard, this European champion in spatial technology, supplies Thierry with satellite pictures since... 1998 !


La Société de Géographie de Paris,

It supports Thierry's searches since 1996 !

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  • « Paititi 2018 » ... Here we go again !

    Despite the incredible case of the "Nasca mummies", which has monopolized Thierry and his team throughout 2017, the Inkari - Cusco Institute takes up again its priorities for 2018. All the team of Thierry Jamin is mobilizing now to put in place this large-scale expedition whose objective will be to confirm, or not, the presence of Paititi at the top of this strange "mountain square", located by Thierry and his group in June 2012...

  • The "Nasca affair" continues!

    For those who might doubt it, Thierry Jamin and the entire team of the Inkari - Cusco Institute remain more than ever mobilized on this incredible story of the mummified bodies of Nasca. This year 2018 will undoubtedly bring definitive answers about the authenticity, or not, of this affair with g... To know more

  • DIRAVPOL with « Paititi 2018 » !

    The DIRAVPOL-PNP (National Police of Peru) will participate with the team of the Instituto Inkari - Cusco in this decisive campaign of exploration in the footsteps of the lost city. Thanks to the support of a PNP type MI-17B helicopter, Thierry Jamin and his group should have direct access to their search area, so difficult to access...

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