Paititi localized ? (2007-2008)

The petroglyphs of Pusharo indicate us these two citadels precisely. We so have, over the years, managed to identify a good dozen natural sites -rivers, mountains, the "pyramids" of Paratoari, etc.-, or archeological sites, such as Mameria, Cusco and finally the main site, directly connected to the petroglyphs of Pusharo : Paititi.

Paititi engraved on the main wall of Pusharo
For Thierry Jamin, this set of figures engraved on the main wall of Pusharo (Sector A) could send back to the localization of the lost city of Paititi.
(Photo : Thierry Jamin, August, 2006)

At the beginning of the year of 2007, indeed, we locate on the rock a set of figures which let us think that he could involve a big center of population, as the being Paititi could. The place in question had to be, according to our estimations, somewhere in the northwest of the petroglyphs and in the North-northeast of the "pyramids" and the small Inca city of Mameria, discovered in 1979 by my friends Nicole and Herbert Cartagena.

In December, 2008, little before Christmas, I set up an operation of air reconnaissance of the zone in question. The main objective of this flying was to study the general configuration of the zone, to locate the place of a future base camp and then with a little luck, I thought without saying it that it would maybe be possible to locate something, if only a piece of wall…

Flying over the Red Zone
During a flying in helicopter, in December, 2008, Thierry Jamin leaves glancing through his "Red Zone". Does it shelter the lost city of the Incas ?
(Photo: Thierry Jamin, December, 2008)

This flying is going to show itself of a major importance. Indeed, we make a recognition at low height aboard a lark and, in the zone which we had anticipated as being able to shelter an importing archeological site, we locate tens of walls, windows, trapézoïdals doors, staircases, etc. We could not believe in it !


This strange island, lost in the green ocean of Man, can he shelter the secret city of the Incas ?
(Photo : Thierry Jamin, December, 2008)

We observe the presence of an immense site and certain architectural indications seemed to show that it was about a monumental thing. The area of the vestiges which we locate gives us to think that it is about a big Inca site. By comparison, Machu Picchu makes 700 for 800 meters long. Now, we detect the presence of vestiges on about three kilometers ! And what we can glimpse is doubtless only the height of the iceberg. The great majority of the site are under the vegetation. And of what site could he involve otherwise the one that we look for for all these years ? For my group and for me, it is one really new development !


For more details of the last expeditions of Thierry Jamin and the discoveries of his team : to see his next book, to appear soon to the editions of Cherche Midi (Paris)...

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