Stop to the pillagers!

The big pyramid of the Sun of Curamaba
Restored in 2001, the big pyramid of the Sun of Curamaba, remain one of the rare elements of the city to have recovered his/her/its beauty intiale. The nearly totality of the city stays always in ruins, at the mercy of the pillagers of tombs. Raúl del Mar Ismodes, the inventor of Curamba, fights hopelessly for years to protect this jewel of the civlisation inca.

In September 2003, I surrender, in company of the Father Juan Carlos Polentini, emblematic face in Peru, since the years '70, of the research of Païtiti, on the archaeological site of Mantto, situated to about ten hours of road in 4X4, to the northeast of Cusco, toward the north border of that that we could call" Kingdom of the Grán Païtiti ".

The Father Polentini resulted there from me to take to denounce the havocs of the pillagers of treasures that, every day, tackle the non listed vestiges incas. To the research of lost treasures! The archaeological heritage of Peru is, indeed, more than ever, in danger!


Ceramics shards
Today, in Curamba, one walks again on hundreds of thousands of ceramics shards, of tips of obsidian or dishes made of silver.

Some rumors, more troubling, affirm that Païtiti herself will already have been robbed, toward the end of the years '90.

Mantto would have been, according to the Father Polentini, one of the sites of the Grán Païtiti wrecked. to the dynamite, by a very powerful huaqueros group. It would only go back to four or five years. This last would have collected its information of plugs it even of one of the pilots of the five helicopters chartered by this commando of pillagers. Some Peruvian and Japanese huaqueros would have put the hand thus on Païtitis and its treasures! The pilot spoke of several score of tons of gold! One of the helicopters would even have gotten damaged in the jungle during this operation. This pilot lives today to the United States, by fear of the reprisals.


Funeral dolls coming from a fardo
Funeral dolls, coming from a "fardo", put on the day in the necropolis of Curamba. This one probably includes several hundreds of mummies incas... at the mercy of the huaqueros. It is imperative that the Peruvian authorities become aware of the emergency to protect their national heritage. But it is expensive. The unesco, The union European and the United States must lend strong hand to our Peruvian friends... before it is too late.

If we consider the threats of death of which we make ourselves again the object in Peru, on behalf of huaqueros, these alarming rumors are to take in consideration.

Peru is a little Egypt of Napoléon's time. Its archaeological heritage remains, in a large measure, again to discover. Unfortunately, the researchers of treasures and the pillagers of tombs generally have a length of advance on the official archaeologists.

This category is there to alert the public opinion and to sensitize the official authorities of Peru, the UNESCO, the union European and the United States of America, to protect the national heritage of Peru, that is also OUR heritage, the one of the humanity, as soon as possible.

Thierry Jamin

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