Machu Picchu, sick of the tourists

Again 5 years and the capacity of resistance of the citadel inca of Machu Picchu will give up under the excessive load of the foreign visitors, because of the absence of an adequate politics of décongestionnement.

So declared it lately the regional Director of the Outside Trade and the Tourism, Mr. Jorge Pacheco Del Castillo, while specifying that a Plane Maestro has been finalized for the planning of the Sanctuary in order to avoid that the most important attraction of the country doesn't deteriorate for lack of scheduling. Evoking the tourist saturation of the lost city, he adds that the famous Path of the Inca could also collapse, what would entail a disaster for the tourist destination of Cusco, that represents one of the most important destinations to the world level. This same civil servant sustains that the joint Choquequirao-Machu Picchu generated a contrary effect instead of decongesting the excessive load undergone by Machu Picchu. A debate must now begin between the private sector and the public sector, in order to avoid future problems and to take urgent decisions.

Jorje Pacheco del Castillo
Jorge Pacheco Del Castillo, regional director of the Outside Trade and the Tourism

The affluence of the tourists in Peru touches lightly the million currently, what implies that one must make the promotion and must generate other tourist attractions to decongest the citadel inca. After having studied the new propositions of circuits that have been valued Choquequirao lately remains currently the best possible alternative... while waiting for Païtiti!

Another element to take in consideration relates to the importance of the school tourism during a whole season, also representing an overcharge for the service of train and naturally for the most important icon of the country.

The Japanese tourists elect the lines of Nazca and Machu Picchu.

According to an investigation achieved lately by the important TV public Japanese channel NHK by more of 22 000 people, Machu Picchu and the lines of Nazca are located respectively in first and eighth place on a list of the 30 favorite destinations of the Japanese. To elaborate this ordering of the destinations preferred of the Niponses, the company did a selection on 800 sites declared Heritage of the humanity by the UNESCO. The past year, 30 000 Japanese visited Peru, either 18,8% more than in 2004.

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