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Thierry Jamin sur RTL

RTL – Broadcast "La curiosité est un vilain défaut", led by Thomas Hugues and Sidonie Bonnec - Wednesday, January 28th, 2015, at 8:00 pm.

During this consumer broadcast, Thierry Jamin returned, during 40 minutes, over his seventeen years of searches in the Peruvian Amazonia, on the tracks of the lost city of the Incas. He evokes the difficulties of ground, the discoveries realized by his team during his expeditions and he explains the objectives of the campaign "Inkari 2015". The discovery of the lost city seems closer than ever...

To listen again to the broadcast (in french)

Radio Tawantinsuyu – Emission "Claridad en 60 minutos" - Friday, October 15th, 2010.

Thierry Jamin and his companions were the guests of this daily broadcast, on their fabulous bare realized to Lacco and Chunchusmayo in 2009 and 2010.

RPP – News - Thursday, October 14th and Friday, October 15th, 2010.

These days, the main Peruvian national radio widely reports the officialization of the discoveries realized by Thierry Jamin and his companions in the valleys of Lacco and Chunchusmayo.

Radio Machu Picchu, cultural program from 8am till 10am, Sunday, February 14th, 2010.

The broadcast of this Sunday dedicates one hour to the officialization of the archaeological discoveries of Thierry Jamin and his group. This day, Melquiades Figueroa Lucana and José Benigno Casafranca Montes are also there. It is also an opportunity to present the Inkari institute, an ONG dedicated to the archaeological investigations created by Thierry and his companions.

Radio Universal, the news of Friday, February 12th, 2010.

Within the framework of the information, a wide place is given to the officialization of the archaeological discoveries presented by Thierry Jamin and his group in the first zone of the Valley of Lacco, province of Calca, department of Cusco.


France Inter - France U.E.

Invited for the broadcast of Criss Kramble, on Sunday, May 20th, 2007. Very great success !

Radio Salcantay – Cusco – Peru

Cultural infos, dedicated to the exhibition on Pusharo, January 24th, 2007.


Sud Radio

Sud Radio - France U.E.
Broadcast "Les explorateurs de l’étrange", animate by Louis Benhedi, Saturday December 23th, 2006.


To listen to the broadcast in French in Windows Media Player - Lenght 1 hour 10 - Size 48 Mb.


Radio France International

Radio France International - France U.E.
Latin American infos, interview of Jordi Batallé, Tuesday December 12th, 2006.


Radio Aligre

Radio Aligre - France U.E.
Broadcast "Voix contre oreille", animate by Florence Matton, of 8h00 to 10h00, Friday December 8th, 2006.


FRANCE BLEUEFrance Bleu d'Azur
Infos - Regional news - November 10th, 2006


Radio Fréquence JuraRFJ - Radio Fréquence Jura (Switzerland)
Infos - Actuality regional - October 30th, 2005

Radio CanadaRadio Canada - (Radio Première Chaîne)
Program « Les Années Lumières », of Etienne Leblanc - September 18th, 2005

EUROPE 1Europe 1
Program of Jacques Pradel - May 5th, 2004

BFMBFM - October 5th, 1998


FRANCE INTERFrance Inter, « Autrement dit » - June 29th, 1998


BFMBFM - April 15th, 1998


Sud RadioSud Radio - March 27th, 1998


Rdio France ToulouseRadio France Toulouse - March 7th, 1998


EUROPE 1Europe 1, « Système G » - March 5th, 1996

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  • « Paititi 2018 » ... Here we go again !

    Despite the incredible case of the "Nasca mummies", which has monopolized Thierry and his team throughout 2017, the Inkari - Cusco Institute takes up again its priorities for 2018. All the team of Thierry Jamin is mobilizing now to put in place this large-scale expedition whose objective will be to confirm, or not, the presence of Paititi at the top of this strange "mountain square", located by Thierry and his group in June 2012...

  • The "Nasca affair" continues!

    For those who might doubt it, Thierry Jamin and the entire team of the Inkari - Cusco Institute remain more than ever mobilized on this incredible story of the mummified bodies of Nasca. This year 2018 will undoubtedly bring definitive answers about the authenticity, or not, of this affair with g... To know more

  • DIRAVPOL with « Paititi 2018 » !

    The DIRAVPOL-PNP (National Police of Peru) will participate with the team of the Instituto Inkari - Cusco in this decisive campaign of exploration in the footsteps of the lost city. Thanks to the support of a PNP type MI-17B helicopter, Thierry Jamin and his group should have direct access to their search area, so difficult to access...

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