Thierry Jamin, on a famous archeological site, preparing the campaign Inkari on 2012
Thierry Jamin, on a famous archeological site, preparing the campaign "Inkari on 2012" (Photo: Thierry Jamin, in September, 2011)

As we all know, the quest for Paititi attracts researchers for centuries, explorers and adventurers of all sorts. One can find on the internet all sorts of writings on this subject. In our case, the only official and reliable information are those published on this site or associated sites:

Some information available on some platforms, called "encyclopedic", like Wikipedia, for my team and myself, contain a significant number of inaccuracies and malicious comments verging sometimes defamation. They are obviously signed by any author. We warn our friends surfers against such behavior that we can only denouncing. At the same time, we honor the courage of these anonymous authors!

We know that, with the mediatization of my team’s research, we can sometimes grate on some "specialists" of Paititi, all of their means are good to denigrate our work.

Budgets to mount a campaign of research is not insignificant. The mediatization is a way for us to finance these investigations.

I also want to clarify that the group Inkari, I have the honor to chair, is composed only of professionals and has always acted in strict accordance with the laws of Peru. Each of our search campaigns are systematically subjected to a research project, led by a Peruvian archaeologist. Each project is subject to approval by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture and, when applicable, the Ministries of Environment, Health, Interior and Foreign Affairs are agreed.

I regret to specify to these pseudo "experts" that the team is currently the only Inkari to do so, in perfect legality.

We constantly denouncing here in Cusco, the intrusions of nicks "explorers" national or foreign, searching for to Paititi with dynamite or metal detectors...

We know more than anyone, what it means to looking for the lost city of the Incas. This research merits. Its discovery, we are convinced with, will not be the result of these huaqueros, visibly supported by these courageous anonymous authors.

Only a serious and methodical research will one day pass the sacred city of the Incas from the legend to the science. This includes compliance with laws, regulations and protocols, but also respect for human values ??and ancestral traditions. Indispensable elements that seem to forget that most researchers Paititi.

Thierry Jamin

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