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The Inkari Institute : the official web site of the Institute Inkari and Thierry Jamin's team, on the tracks of Paititi.


Les pétroglyphes de Pusharo : For any knowledge, or almost, on the petroglyphs of Pusharo. It is the most complete and the most serious web site on the subject !


Le blog de Mario Martinez : Mario Martinez's official site, during its journey in Peru and in Bolivia in August, 2007. The season 2008 promises new images quite so fabulous...


Cecupe : The Peruvian cultural center established in Paris and animated by the dynamics Yolanda Rigault. An inescapable meeting place between the Peruvian and European cultures !, the official site of Nicole de Cartagena. Her love from Peru and its vast experience of the journeys and the tourism allows her without setting up, since 2004, her own Travel agency. Puka Nina wants a susceptible agency which above all wishes to dedicate itself to the development of a positive tourism, trying to limit the impact which has the mass tourism on the local populations and the environment. With her, no problem, you will be between good hands !


Puka Nina

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Telespazio France,

SeD Logistique,

Mairie de Toulouse,

Spot Image,

Le Cherche Midi Éditeur,

La Société de Géographie de Paris,

Some institutional sites, not governmental body in charge of the protection of the mundial cultural heritage.

INC, the site of the Instituto Nacional of Cultura-Lima : the site of the Instituto Nacional of Cultura-Cusco




Congreso de la Républica del Peru : the official site of the department of the Madre de Dios., the official site of the Embassy of Peru in France. : the official site of the Embassy of France in Peru. : the web site of the French Andean Institute of Studies, dependent on the French Ministry of the Foreign affairs. Created in 1948, IFEA (The French Institute for Andean Studies) is a multidisciplinary research center of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. IFEA’s main objective is to participate in the development and diffusion of knowledge of the Andean world, including its pre-Hispanic, colonial, republican and contemporary societies, as well as its environment. This objective is achieved within a framework of multidisciplinary research, at a regional approach –although IFEA is headquartered in Peru (Lima), its scope of action includes four Andean countries : Peru, Bolivia, Columbia and Ecuador– as well as through dialogue between French and Andean researchers.

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Pyramides du Paratoari
Expedition Pusharo 2006. Our team poses at feet of the main rock of Pusharo.
(Photo: Thierry Jamin/Christian Fardou, August, 2006)

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  • « Paititi 2018 » ... Here we go again !

    Despite the incredible case of the "Nasca mummies", which has monopolized Thierry and his team throughout 2017, the Inkari - Cusco Institute takes up again its priorities for 2018. All the team of Thierry Jamin is mobilizing now to put in place this large-scale expedition whose objective will be to confirm, or not, the presence of Paititi at the top of this strange "mountain square", located by Thierry and his group in June 2012...

  • The "Nasca affair" continues!

    For those who might doubt it, Thierry Jamin and the entire team of the Inkari - Cusco Institute remain more than ever mobilized on this incredible story of the mummified bodies of Nasca. This year 2018 will undoubtedly bring definitive answers about the authenticity, or not, of this affair with g... To know more

  • DIRAVPOL with « Paititi 2018 » !

    The DIRAVPOL-PNP (National Police of Peru) will participate with the team of the Instituto Inkari - Cusco in this decisive campaign of exploration in the footsteps of the lost city. Thanks to the support of a PNP type MI-17B helicopter, Thierry Jamin and his group should have direct access to their search area, so difficult to access...

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